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Can you imagine what it would be like for someone in Asia who speaks no English to work with an American-made cleaning chemical, where the label and all of the product warnings are displayed in English? Such a situation can be a recipie for disaster.

Tips for Finding and Working with Bankers and Accountants

As a consultant, one of the major points I always cover with young and emerging companies is to establish a strong banking and accounting relationship early on to assist with the growth that is coming in the future.

If you have ever refinished a floor, especially one with a large area, then you have probably used a wet/dry vacuum to help remove slurry and rinse water. While a mop can absorb moisture and contaminants during the stripping process, it can also spread them from one area of the floor to another.

Throughout his career, Yasser Youssef’s true calling—in his own words—has always been to impact others through relationships. He has been building relationships and mentoring others for years as president of The Budd Group, and this year he’s taking the reins as the 2014 president of BSCAI.

Think back and picture someone in the past that really motivated you to do your best. Be it a teacher, parent, or coach, chances are this person probably wasn’t someone who constantly criticized you. Instead, the person is likely someone who believed in you and encouraged you with lots of praise.