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Buying Strategies and Best Practices in Today's Tough Market

When it comes to best practices and buying strategies for your cleaning company, a big step toward profitable growth is “knowing what you don’t know.” This is why guidance or outside help is so necessary.

Of all the things that you can do for your carpet, none is more important for the life and appearance of the carpet than vacuuming. Your carpet is under constant assault from soils that are tracked into your facility, which cause permanent damage to the carpet that cannot be removed through cleaning.

Sustainable Solutions for Challenging Building Issues

Sustainability can be simply described as utilizing resources today without compromising the future generation’s ability to do the same. The sustainable building concept is becoming more popular with owners and managers as they realize that buildings are not just potentially healthier and safer, but that often these practices have a financial benefit as well.

Growing Your Business From the Inside

We always think of growing our business with outside sales staff. When we recruit, hire and train sales staff, it can take three to six months or more. After that, it usually takes up to one year before a sales employee starts to be productive and understand the business. Why not hire from within?