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A New Trend in Waste Management:

A growing trend in waste management, known as concierge trash collection, is being increasingly utilized in multifamily housing units across the country. Such services not only promise more efficient and effective trash collection, but they also purport to increase recycling among residents, thereby making the property both cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Take the Sting Out of Tax Time

An often overlooked way to offset some of the financial burdens that come with starting any business is to reduce your company’s taxable income by deducting expenses from top-line revenue.

Making Bidding and Estimating Work for You

Bidding and Estimating are not foreign terms to Building Service Contractors in the janitorial industry. Contracts come, contracts go, and, ideally, contracts grow. But winning and maintaining contracts may be easier said than done. Bidding and estimating plays an important part in that process.

Turning the Corner

The year 2012 marked an important turning point for the BSC industry, and fortunately the shift was in a largely positive direction. The economy steadily picked up steam over the past year, with unemployment dropping to its lowest levels since the onset of the recession and a majority of BSCs seeing an increase in their gross annual sales. By the end of 2012, it finally seemed like we could see light at the end of what has been a long dark tunnel.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Bite Back

Bed bugs have made a big comeback over the past decade. After being nearly eradicated from American society by the early 1960s, this nighttime stalker has resurfaced and found its way into a wide range of residential and commercial properties from apartments and hotels to offices and nursing homes.

Making the Grade

The words “performance review” may, for some, call to mind a nightmarish scenario straight out of the movie Office Space, complete with a dull, ineffective interview process and angry employees. Unfortunately, there are certainly some businesses where the film’s satirical exaggeration of performance reviews is not such an exaggeration. But the good news is that your business need not be one of those bad examples.


Working in the Cloud

Cloud computing is one of today’s most pervasive tech trends— but ironically, it’s still running under a lot of people’s radar. In fact, many businesses are currently using cloud computing on a regular basis without being aware of it