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Dumpster Thriving - Why Diving Into Dumpsters May Be A Good Opportunity For Cleaning Contractors

Ready for a new add-on cleaning service in 2018? We’ve heard about all the traditional add-on services, such as carpet cleaning, floor refinishing, window cleaning, lighting, and even restroom cleaning. But, here’s one you might not have thought of: dumpster cleaning. While I can’t say dumpster cleaning is going to make any cleaning contractor a millionaire, it does have the potential to bring in some added income. If the work is performed correctly using the right tools and cleaning solutions, it can be a little less, shall we say, unappealing to perform than you might think. But, why would your customers want to have their dumpsters cleaned? There are several reasons.

Falling For Floor Cleaners - Why Finding A Green Floor Cleaner Can Be Harder Than Cleaning The Floors

Why Do Green Cleaning Solutions Vary? Several years ago, the facility manager for a group of buildings owned by a northeastern state began switching from traditional cleaning products to greencertified cleaning products. For the most part, the transfer went smoothly. By then, many green-certified cleaning products were both cost effective and performed as good as, if not better, than their traditional counterparts. However, there was one exception: floor care products. Even today, some cleaning contractors complain that environmentally preferable floor care products, from cleaning solutions to glosses and finishes, just do not work as well or hold up as well as their traditional alternatives.

Proof Of Performance

If you, a contract cleaner, were asked what is the most essential tool you need to clean a retail facility, like a department store or a mall, what would you say? Might your answer be an automatic scrubber? Plenty of mops and buckets on hand? Maybe lots of warning signs, allowing you to block off areas of the store or mall so you can clean them undisturbed? While important aspects of cleaning retail areas, none of these answers would be correct. The most important tool a cleaning contractor today can have when cleaning retail stores, malls and 24/7 retail locations, is a smartphone.

Cleaning In The Midwest

Winter in the Midwest can bring many challenges for commercial cleaners. Keeping spaces clean and fresh while heat units are blasting and snow abounds is not always the easiest task. In this issue of SERVICES, we will tackle some of the challenges commercial cleaners in the Midwest face while updating you on all of the noteworthy news from the past year.