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Reclaiming Detroit’s Playgrounds

These business owners found a unique way to give back to their community. By using power equipment to clear abandoned parks, the Detroit Mower Gang has made a real difference for area children and inspired the city to fill in the gaps where their goverment can no longer afford to.

City of Austin a Green Leader Among Municipal Governments

The City of Austin can now be considered the best green cleaning team in the US. This commercial cleaning team has been honored as the first municipal government to have its janitorial program recognized under the Green Seal Standard for Commercial and Institutional Cleaning Services.

Scandinavian Building Services - Defining Sustainability

Scandinavian Building Services has been chosen as our SERVICES 2016 green cleaning experts. Their focus on continuous improvement has earned them one of Canada's Best Managed Companies for the past three years. This family owned commercial cleanng company has not only embraced green products but grown substantially because of their sustainable practices and ethical treatment of employees.

Do Green Cleaning Certifications Matter?

As a forty year veteran of the commercial janitorial service industry, Mickey Crowe shares his insight about why it matters to use green cleaning strategies and green cleaning products. Cleaning industry standards are constantly in flux so make sure your business management strategy includes these environmental compliance topics.

Stretch Your Performance

Carolyn Cauthen, former small business owner and yoga instructor applies the principles of inner strength and peace taught in yoga to business management. Is yoga part of your business plan? Maybe it should be! Our expert shares how gaining the competitive edge can be done through introspection and ethical and sustainable business planning.

The Key Differences Between Green and Sustainable

Green focuses on broad environmental impacts, but typically limits social considerations to direct human health impacts. For instance, green does not consider wages, working conditions, hiring practices, or philanthropy.

Know the Difference Between Green and Sustainable

There’s no doubt that green practices save money, are better for workers and the employees who work in the buildings. Embracing green is better for environment, improves waste streams, prevents air pollution, and reduces carbon output.