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A Whole New (Pig) Way to Keep Floors Safe

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Building Service Contractors are no strangers to slips, trips, and falls. After all, they're the #2 cause of injuries in the U.S. and account for 40% of workers-comp and liability claims to the tune of $70 billion per year. Wet, slippery floors can be a big, expensive problem.

Pig Mat

Aside from using orange cones and "Caution: Wet Floor" signs, one of the only ways to keep floors safe has been rubber-backed, carpeted mats (a.k.a. rental rugs, aisle runners, entrance mats, etc.). Sure, they're an industry standard and they've been around for nearly 100 years, but there's just one problem: They don't really work. More on that later.

Finally, a different path to floor safety.

The folks at New Pig Corporation have been helping industrial workplaces stay clean, dry, and safe for over 30 years. The PIG Absorbent Sock was a game-changer back in 1985, launching the contained absorbents revolution and establishing PIG as the leakand- spill experts. Today, they're at it again with a whole new way to keep your floors safe. PIG Grippy Floor Mat is the world's first adhesive-backed mat, and it's already changing the way people think about slips and trips.

But there's way more to PIG Grippy Floor Mat than its exclusive tacky backing: In addition to sticking tight and staying put, it's also highly absorbent, very low profile, extremely durable and easy to maintain. And last but certainly not least, when you switch your rental mats to PIG Grippy Floor Mat, you can save up to 50% a year.

How it works

Stick around. This is getting good.

Back to those rubberbacked carpeted mats. They'e intended to prevent slip hazards, but they actually create trip hazards in the process. They're infamous for bunching up and flipping over, getting caught in cart wheels and equipment, and jamming under doors. One small trip with a bad landing can lead to serious injuries, liability claims, and all the legal fees that go with them. Ouch!

But the nuisance doesn't stop there. Rubber doesn't adhere to floors, so the mats shift, slide, and creep around throughout the course of a day. Employees have to stop what they're doing to drag them back into position, which is no small task. The longer and wetter the rugs are, the heavier and harder they are to move.

PIG Grippy Floor Mat stays exactly where you put it. The proprietary adhesive backing strikes a perfect balance - it sticks to floors with a super-tight grip, but it peels up easily when you're ready to remove it. All that grip eliminates the time, frustration and hidden labor costs of having to constantly reposition floor mats.

And since it always lays flat, PIG Grippy Floor Mat can drastically reduce your facility's trip-and-fall hazards. Even under the heaviest foot traffic, it won't bunch up or ripple, making floors safer for customers, visitors, and employees. It's also the thinnest commercial floor mat you can buy, meaning it won't obstruct doors or trip people up as they walk onto and off of the mat. Carts, pallet jacks, and anything with wheels can roll right over it without a hitch. It's even ADA compliant for wheelchairs and walkers. The mat is so low-profile, it actually becomes an integral part of the walking surface.

New Pig AdA real sucker for wet floors.

Remember why rubber-backed mats were used in the first place: to reduce tracked-in dirt and water, lower floor cleaning costs, and prevent slips and falls. But water can't spread out on carpeted mats, so it collects and puddles on top. And when the weather's bad and foot traffic is high, the problems only get worse.

From there, water (and anything else that came in your door) gets tracked throughout the rest of your building, making floors dirty, slippery, and dangerous. If your mat can't control liquids at the door, you're dealing with the potential for slip-andfall accidents, injuries, and more claims.

PIG Grippy Floor Mat stops the problem before it starts. An absorbent top layer pulls in liquid and wicks it away from the center, allowing the mat to disperse moisture and dry much faster than other mats. It's a constant cycle that's always working to maximize the performance of the mat. Water from shoes, boots, carts "whatever" is absorbed into the surface and spreads evenly so it doesn't puddle on top. There's even a liquid proof bottom layer to prevent absorbed liquid from soaking through.

The mess is contained, keeping the floors around it drier and safer. Wet feet walk on, dry feet walk off, and that's good for your entire building. PIG Grippy Floor Mat has been tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI): when used as part of your floor safety program, it can reduce slip-and-fall claims by as much as 90 percent.

Set it and forget it.

One of the biggest hassles (in addition to the slips and trips) that comes with rubber-backed mats is the work they create for the nightly floor cleaning crew. To properly sweep, vacuum, or run a floor scrubber, you have to get those big, heavy mats out of the way first. So you pull, tug, and drag them away, only to pull, tug, and drag them back after the floor is dry. It's a pain in the lower back, but there's never been a better way. The rugs themselves can get dirty, as well. If you own them, they're tough to clean; if you rent them, you're at the mercy of someone else's schedule.

Three properties of PIG Grippy Floor Mat solve these problems and allow you to leave your mats in place for months at a time. Because it's adhesive backed, low-profile, and incredibly durable, Grippy Mat is floor-scrubber friendly. From ride-on commercial cleaners to push brooms, mops, and vacuums, you can literally clean your floors as if the mats weren't there. And in the process, your PIG Grippy Mats get a bath, too, removing the trapped dirt, dust, and fine particles. Just drive right over it and keep on cleaning, with less work and lower costs.

Just how durable is Grippy Mat? Interlocking fibers make it virtually indestructible. It's built to withstand forklift traffic, so it's more than capable of taking daily abuse in entrances, aisles, and walkways. In fact, you can leave it down for up to twelve weeks between change outs, eliminating the constant chore of moving all those rubber-backed mats. Since you can easily clean the mats yourself, you're in total control of your floor's appearance.

Cut to fit or roll out a runner.

Another disadvantage of rubber-backed mats is their limited ability to cover long runs and large areas. When laid end-to-end, they may start out fine in the morning, but after a few hours of traffic you have gaps, ripples and overlaps - which means new potential for slips and trips.

PIG Grippy Floor Mat offers easy cut-to-fit installation for continuous coverage wherever you need it. You can create a complete floor system with walk-off entry runners, long runs, or custom floor mats for transition areas and wet problem spots. And when it's time for fresh mats, PIG Grippy Mat peels up easily and weighs far less than rubber-backed mats.

No slip. No trip. All grip.

PIG Grippy Floor Mat stops slips, trips, and falls better than rubber-backed carpeted mats. It makes it easier to keep your facility clean and bright - with less work and lower costs. PIG Grippy Floor Mat completely eliminates your rental mat expenses and the constant hassle of keeping them in place. And because it's so tough and durable, you can leave it down for up to twelve weeks between change outs and save up to 50 percent a year. Ready to take control of your floor safety? Get started at grippymat.com.


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