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Getting To Know the ISSA Tradeshow

Written by  Alan S. Bigger, Executive Director, Simon Institute

1. Plan before you go: Discuss with your team what products are needed to complement the arsenal of items that you have to combat dirt.

2. Prioritize the list of items before you go: This will help you stay focused during the show. You may wish to develop a top ten list of the most important products that you wish to see.

3. Read ahead: Read the trade literature available in industry magazines or company web pages so that you have a basic knowledge of the products before you attend.

4. Map out your strategy: Plan a route of the trade show floor that enables you to visit the most important booths that have the products that you wish to see.

5. Stay focused: Focus on visiting the booths that you plan to attend first. Once you have completed your business at these booths, you can spend more leisurely time looking around.

6. Get to know the companies: Spend some time discussing with the companies about their distribution network for products that you may eventually purchase and their supply chain for parts and service after the sale.

7. Networking: Take time to network with the various companies that have their products on display as well as any end users that have procured these products.

8. Appointments: If you wish to speak with a particular manufacturer, try to set up an appointment in advance so that you can have some time dedicated to talking together.

9. Technologies and innovations: One can learn much about new ideas and technologies at trade shows, stick with your list to determine which technologies or innovations you could incorporate into your organization that may increase productivity and improve the appearance of your facility.

10. Functionality: Since labor is the most significant component of the custodial budget, seek out items that will enhance productivity and assist you to meet objectives without adding on bells and whistles that may increase the end cost of the products.

11. Education: Attending a trade show and talking with people provides a unique opportunity to learn. Also, plan on attending the education sessions. Many trade shows have industry experts as speakers.

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