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NACECare Solutions continues its legacy and growth

Cleaning Crew

When Colin Mason was coming of age in the late 1940s, the United Kingdom was in post war ruin. He was recruited by the British Army and traveled to Singapore. Upon his return to Barry, Wales, 20-year-old Colin trained to be a welder, but saw little opportunity to grow his career and build a life for his family. In 1950, he and his wife Fay decided to immigrate to Canada with their infant son Jeff to build a better life. Colin soon found work at Texaco in Port Credit, Ontario, and spent his weekends cleaning small retail stores for extra money to support his family. Things were looking up for the Masons until Port Credit workers went on strike in 1958. Colin was forced to turn his weekend ambition into a full-time pursuit. With little more than a bucket and mop, Colin successfully grew his cleaning business by knocking on doors and offering his services. He never looked back. Over time, Colin was able to add larger accounts. By the 70s, Mason's Janitorial had won major contracts to clean the IBM plant and the Toronto International Airport.

In the early 70s, Colin decided to sell his successful company to UK-based Pritchard Services, agreeing to stay on as the general manager. However, he was only able to contain his entrepreneurial spirit for a few years before discovering another business opportunity in the Toronto market that he wished to pursue. He started a commercial sector window cleaning company with his oldest son Jeff. In 1977, Summit Window Cleaning was formed.

In 1983, they built on the business by purchasing a commercial cleaning company and in 1984, they added a carpet cleaning company. It was at this time that the family's second son, Gareth, born in 1961, joined the company and ran the carpet cleaning operation. He worked alongside his brother and father from an early age. Together with Jeff, they learned about the cleaning business and what it takes to grow a competitive company.

We are developing the equipment that makes the most sense for today's commercial cleaning professional. Gareth Mason

In 1987, with the cleaning businesses growing nicely, an opportunity to partner with Numatic International, a major cleaning equipment manufacturer from the UK, changed things once again. Colin saw an unfilled niche in the North American market. Because of his background, experience, and relationships, he decided the time was right to form North American Cleaning Equipment, redefining the family company for a third time. In 1986, my father saw a chance for us to diversify and capitalize in two markets, Gareth said. So, I took over management of the equipment side and Jeff ran the cleaning company.br />
After growing Summit Window Cleaning, Nationwide Housekeeping Systems, and Professional Carpet Cleaning for over 23 years, a decision was made to sell the service companies and focus on the equipment. Jeff went into partnership with his brother. In 2004, they rebranded the company as NaceCare Solutions. Now, on the cusp of celebrating their 30th year developing commercial cleaning equipment, NaceCare is beating the competition when it comes to price and quality. They specialize in uncomplicated and dependable vacuums, carpet extractors, scrubbers, floor machines, pressure washers, and janitorial carts that are the essential work horses in the field.

The company has developed a successful enterprise importing equipment technology and components from the UK for the Canadian and United States markets. Gareth attributes the company's success to his immigrant father's tireless work ethic; he was not afraid to carve out a living for his family with a mop and bucket. He would knock on doors and do the work no one else wanted to do, Gareth said. is standards for timely and quality work earned my father a reputation as a problem solver you could rely on; someone who would always deliver on his promises. He made valuable relationships because of that reputation. Those are the principles my father built his business on and that's what governs NaceCare Solutions to this day. Sadly, Colin passed away in April 2016, but his legacy lives on through his sons, their sister, Jeanette, and 35 other dedicated employees at NaceCare Solutions. Gareth believes in the NaceCare mission to manufacture and sell equipment that is perfectly suited for the commercial cleaning industry at a fair price.

NaceCare Solutions

According to Gareth, the best examples of NaceCare's solutionbased products are battery-powered backpack vacuums and low noise emission vacuum equipment. We still have an excellent relationship with five key suppliers who we know go the extra mile in product development, Gareth said. We are developing the equipment that makes the most sense for today's commercial cleaning professional. It is the superior technology of the gel batteries that make NaceCare's scrubbers the most sustainable battery units on the market. They're also 100 percent maintenance free. To eliminate any fear of trying their vacuums, NaceCare's vacuum motors carry a 5-year guarantee.

A big part of winning over potential customers is proving to them that battery vacuums aren't less powerful or less effective. In fact, with 76 percent soil recovery, they outperform many electric units, Gareth said. They run for 45 minutes on a full charge, and, when using two batteries, that's more than enough time to complete a standard cleaning shift. When day cleaning is the customer's preference, NaceCare has the solution: The industry's quietest battery and electric canister and backpack vacuums, Gareth said. The entire product offering is up to 20 decibels below the market standard, making them the ideal vacuum for the corporate, healthcare, or education cleaning environment.

Another commonsense solution offered by NaceCare is their janitorial carts that are built based on the unique needs of cleaning professional. In healthcare specifically, the facility types can really vary, Gareth said. That means the cleaning crew has to move through those areas and clean them efficiently. They can't do that with a standardized cookie-cutter janitorial cart, so we let the cleaning professionals design a durable, color-coded workstation that is perfectly suited for their needs.

NaceCare is a corporation on the move with goals to expand their presence in the market. Their market share has been growing significantly over the past few years due to new innovative products such as the canister and backpack battery vacuums along with support systems, like software, to help the end users measure and compare their productivity levels, and compare their return on investment (ROI) for all five vacuum types.

They will be launching a completely new auto scrubber offering at this years ISSA show along with significant upgrades to the battery and electric vacuum lines. This will include increasing the power of the motors on the battery units and offering a 5-year commercial warranty on all vacuum motors.

Gareth believes NaceCare Solutions is on the right track to expand their reach by continuing to invest extensively in new product development and knowing the market to ensure all new products are exactly what the end user needs. In addition, offering superior customer service and standing behind their products makes NaceCare Solutions a top choice in the industry. Utilizing their background in commercial cleaning, NaceCare is living up to Colin Mason's reputation as the problem solver you can rely on.

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