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A Walk Through the Museum

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Yesterday’s failures become tomorrow’s innovations

The Museum of Clean was founded by Don Aslett, founder of Varsity Facility Services, nationally recognized motivational speaker, and bestselling author of forty books on the multiple aspects of clean and clean living. Housed in a reclaimed block of now connected buildings in the warehouse district of Pocatello, Idaho’s old town, the seventy-five thousand square foot complex of the Museum Of Clean is a green, LEED Certified building.

With over five thousand items relating to all aspects of clean, including a massive collection of pre-electric vacuum cleaners, a beautiful clean art gallery, and The World’s Only Orchestra Of Clean, visitors to the museum are promised an unforgettable and surprising visit, with many interactive and hands on displays for both children and adults. The ultimate mission and vision of the Museum Of Clean is to sell the idea and value of clean, to put clean into the minds of all who visit. The museum strives to expand the scope of clean into areas such as clean homes, clean minds, clean language, clean community and ultimately a clean world. The Museum Of Clean more than lives up to its motto, “Come interested, leave inspired.”

Museum of Clean, 711 S. 2nd Avenue, Pocatello, Idaho, 208-236-6906 www.Museumofclean.com

Model SC 1524

1. Hamilton Beach Carpet Washer Model SC 1524, 1917, New York, New York.

Old Vacuum

2. Tennant sweeper-pile lifter and wood floor buffer, (featuring a Baldor motor), 1942, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


3. Atom Strubsauer pre-electric hand cranked vacuum, made by Ernst Harms, Germany, circa 1890’s.

Wooden Vac

4. The Harvey, pre-electric hand pumped bellows vacuum, circa 1890’s, flanked by a Kirby Model 508 (left, 1948, Cleveland, Ohio) and Bissell Type O Pig electric vacuum (right, circa 1930’s, Toledo, Ohio).

Electric Floor Polisher

5. Johnson’s Wax Electric Floor Polisher Model B, (1926, Racine, Wisconsin).

Electric Broom

6. Sample collection of electric floor polishers, (left to right), two Johnson’s Wax (Racine, Wisconsin) Model 1H’s (one green, one grey, circa 1935) and Model B (black, circa 1926), Universal (circa 1930, New Briton, Connecticut), Johnson’s Wax model 4H (green, circa 1922), and Birco wax stripper (circa 1930’s, Chicago, Illinois.).

ProTeam Quatervac

7. ProTeam Quatervac (left, circa 1987) and Vassallo back pack vacuum (right, circa 1970’s - 1980’s).

8. Gut Buster Alley (from left to right): Kelly Electric Floor Machine (1898, Buffalo, New York), Finnell Machine Model 615 BC floor buffer (circa 1935, Elkhart, Indiana), Red Devil Model FP-11 floor buffer (circa 1930, Irvington, New Jersey), and Dyna-Line floor buffer (circa 1935-1940, Dayton, Ohio).

Floor Polisher

9. Pair of early Rexair (Rainbow) water filtered vacuums, Model B-NO (left, circa 1939, Detroit, Michigan), and Model C-NO (right, circa 1950, made in Canada).Gut Buster Alley (from left to right): Tornado floor buffer (circa 1945-1950), Kelly Electric Floor Machine (1898, Buffalo, New York) Finnell Machine Model 615 BC floor buffer (circa 1935, Elkhart, Ind.), Red Devil Model

Floor Care

10. Miscellaneous cleaning fun (from left to right): Commander Fogger Model 672 (circa 1950’s), Von Schrader Wall Deterger (circa 1952, Racine, Wis.) and Von Schrader Upholstery Deterger (circa late 1960’s).

Old Push Vacuum

11. Dyna-Line floor buffer (left, circa 1935-1940, Dayton, Ohio) with Myco Floor Renovator Model 181 HG (right, circa 1935-1940, Chicago, Illinios.).

Holt 24

12. A Holt 24” floor buffer ( circa 1945-1955), Clarkematic Model Pe-20 floor machine ( circa 1961, Muskegon, Mich.), and Tornado Floorkeeper from the late 1960’s / early 1970’s, Chicago Il. A hand pump pre-electric vacuum is in the far background.


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