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Find Your Fix

Written by  Shannon J. Winslow-Claunch, Editor

Find your Fix

Accounting & Human Resources

TEAM: WinTeam is the core software solution featuring accounting human resources and benefits, insurance benefits management, payroll, work scheduling, work ticket tools, inventory, and compliance. WinTeam features a unique job-centric structure which allows BSCs to track profitability down to the job level.

Bidding & Estimating

TEAM: TeamBid assists BSCs in winning business by allowing them to create accurate, professional proposals in no time. TeamBid contains standard industry information and a variety of tools like graphs and calculations to maximize profit and give customers detailed breakdowns of their investment.

Customer Relationship Management

ExpressTime Solutions: One of the best things about our CRM software is the real time customer to client communication. This makes handling issues, requests, or potential projects quicker and easier. The CRM is not meant to replace personal visits, but simply to enhance the personal communication and allow for better tracking of issues or requests.

eHub Employee & Customer Self-Service

TEAM: Specific solutions are available on a web portal or mobile app. The benefits of self-service solutions are plentiful. Giving field-based employees and customers access to the information and tools they need can reduce costs and administrative time, boost efficiency and productivity, automate processes, strengthen transparency and accountability, engage and empower employees and retain and attract customers. eHub includes work ticket requests, communication tools, quality assurance, paychecks, invoices, timekeeping and more.


AFFLINK is the global leader in supply chain optimization, providing clients with innovative process and procurement solutions to drive efficiencies in today’s leading businesses. The ELEVATE™ system helps organizations uncover  never-before-seen opportunities and quantify their value to enhance their overall image, promote a healthy workplace, decrease total costs, increase productivity, and satisfy Green and sustainable objectives.

Quality Assurance

TEAM: Supervisors and employees can conduct customized building inspections, review and address any deficiencies quickly and share the results with employees and clients. These solutions help BSCs deliver excellent customer service and are a way to build customer relationships through transparency, accountability and responsiveness. All data is contained in WinTeam (system of record) for reporting and trend-spotting purposes. 

Spartan’s CompuClean: Working in a distributed environment as most BSC’s do presents unique management challenges. CompuClean’s solutions offer the ability to track performance, equipment repairs, inventory usage and staffing in multiple sites. CompuClean is available exclusively to Spartan Chemical purchasing customers. Users are required to continue purchasing Spartan products in conjunction with the use of their CompuClean investment.

Breeze: Providing ultimate accountability and communication, much more than handwritten task lists on white boards or paper, Breeze software reports can be accessed by all players in the process. Created by BSCs and tweaked by clients, Breeze software is fully customizable to fit individual needs of company. Track and document specific elements of the workload. Reduce costs of related processes. Client information stays your own without being shared with software companies. One person in operations sets the standards for managers rating criteria for quality rating.

ExpressTime Solutions: ExpressInspections works to measure the overall quality of your services for sharing with internal management and external clientele. This tool allows you to catch problem areas or staff deficiencies before the issue becomes unmanageable. Even add a sample inspection to your quotes to show your commitment to high quality performance.

Time & Attendance

TEAM: There are multiple ways to capture time for employees out in the field–including biometric authentication via fingerprints or face images, mobile timekeeping and telephone timekeeping. All records are automatically uploaded to WinTeam for accurate billing and payroll processing.


Breeze: Software products are commonly used for a wide array of remotely dispersed business models including BSC’s in any setting: municipalities, utility companies, school districts, government entities, hospitals, and universities. Some share the cost with their client and both sides have access for transparent accountability. Breeze products track work hours and tasks to maintain information on workload. These reports are appropriate to show facility managers and others in the corporations’ chain of command to defend against cutting budgets and potentially losing contracts. Lack of documented performance means BSCs cannot defend their work against budget committees.

ExpressTime Solutions: Our timekeeping software embodies all aspects of business management, from employee record keeping to building budgets and everything in between. Take control of your business with ExpressTime and gain that competitive advantage you’ve always wanted. Our software is built with you in mind, meaning each feature will add value to your business in ways you never imagined. 

Work Order Processing

ExpressTime Solutions: Work Order Processing is an impressive tool feature that keeps work organized and easy to keep track of. Create project proposals, work order requests, and completed work orders. Create a professional looking proposal in Express Time Online when are preparing to bid on a job. The cleaning proposal has a space for all terms and conditions information like pricing, expiration of agreement, service dates and authorization of proposal signatures. Add all the details of the job on the proposal and print it out for clients. Since the proposal is generated through your ExpressTime database, you don’t have to worry about losing the form. When the client has approved the quoted project, transfer your proposal into a work order request to schedule and assign the job to the appropriate employees. In this document, you outline all the details of the job that your staff need to know, like directions to the job site, contact information, service instructions, and job dates and times. After the work is completed, the employees working hours will be added to your completed Work Order that you can then use for billing and invoicing purposes.

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