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Organization is the Key to Success

Written by  Dawn Scranton, Founder of the Association of Quick Books Technologists

Dawn Scraton
Photo Courtesy Roberto Antonia Torres

Gifts are innately given, and because we are all different, the world is more interesting and more productive. As a business owner, you are specialist in your field. And if you are still in business after one year, you have beat the odds. Keep doing what you’re doing, overtake the competition, and live the American Dream. As a smart business owner on the road to success, you know that improvement should be consistent in order to grow your business and be competitive. You hire new workers, delegate duties, get advice from mentors, join associations, go to conferences, keep your certifications current, and outsource tasks when it makes sense. But, when it comes to streamlining your accounting and operating processes that set your business up for growth and financial success, who will you call for help? Do you even know what is available or where to look? 

I love what I do. I help entrepreneurs make their business grow by customizing their accounting processes through technology. I was a detail oriented child and as my parents have told me, I was pretty difficult to raise. Everything mattered to me, especially being good at math. I discovered my love for organizing —accounting seemed natural— and at sixteen years old, I knew I was born to be a bean-counter. By the time I was in college, my instructors and corporate financial colleagues were encouraging me to explore the idea of being an entrepreneur. They saw something in me that I didn’t. Not only was I good at understanding accounting processes, and passionate about the latest tech solutions, I also had a real desire to help others and to teach.

TechnologistsThe issue has now become connecting the limitless software solutions to the entrepreneurs who need them.

Shortly after graduating, I took a part-time job working for a small company, RL Interior Design. I will be eternally grateful to their forward thinking spirit, when they handed me a new book, The QuickBooks User Guide and said, “We will pay you to read this book, while you answer the phone for us.” In just two days of combing through inventory and payroll procedures, I could immediately see how QuickBooks could help businesses get organized. This masterfully simple, widely used accounting software made managing the financial side of business easy for the non-bean counters.

At that moment, I discovered my true calling and soon became a consultant for several other businesses in my community. Learning QuickBooks and sharing that knowledge with business owners became my passion and has been for the past twenty three years. After all, QuickBooks was what every entrepreneur needs. It was an easy to use program that is accessible, forgivable, and completely streamlines accounting for business owners too busy to deal with the details.

As my advisor business grew, I started to see a theme forming among my clients. Business owners liked the features of QuickBooks, so much that they wanted that kind of automation for all their business processes. In 2001, in response to that need, thousands of independent software developers, led by Scott Cook, founder of Intuit/QuickBooks, began what was called “The Intuit Developer Network.” Cook and his team capitalized their abilities as developers to create software solutions designed for specific industries, and that’s when my job got a lot more complicated.

I had previously brought so many business owners into the light with QuickBooks, but now there were better solutions available to them. From that moment forward, I made it my mission to explore software add-ons and make sure that the entrepreneurs who needed them, had them. I was no longer an accountant advising businesses on QuickBooks. I had become a professional integrator; an add-on consultant for clients who wanted to marry and measure their operational goals with financial goals while cutting costs of duplicated efforts.

Business owners could now automate and integrate tasks like order-tracking, inventory management, logistics, bidding and managing customer relations into their existing software. They could now grow their business exponentially with limitless automation software updates. And if business owners weren’t updating their process software, they were failing. The competitive nature of business simply required that entrepreneurs have better, or as good as, business management technology as the competition.

Dawn Scraton2

The need for advisors like me has never been greater. The issue has now become connecting the limitless software solutions to the entrepreneurs who need them. After tens of thousands of hours researching, learning and implementing specialized accounting and operational technology, I discovered the answer was organization. The connecting piece became my associations in the software industry, those now referred to as ProAdvisors. I discovered this community of business helpers needed a platform by which to showcase themselves, collaborate and connect so users could find them.


This is how qbPlugged-IN was born. This collective organization of advisors and developers works together every day to provide integrated accounting and operational solutions for QuickBooks users. Let us offer your business our collective advice and practical solutions, for free. Ask questions in our online forum. Discover what the best companies in your industry are already doing to get ahead of other businesses. There is so much to learn and so much to save by getting plugged in. If you want to take your business to the next level, be more competitive and ultimately be more profitable, stop what you are doing and visit qbPluggedIn.com today.



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