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Stay Informed as We Prepare for Changes Surrounding the Healthcare Reform

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Healthcare reform legislation is going to have a large impact on contractors, and the BSCAI is building resources to help you. As the Business Resource for Contractors, BSCAI will provide you with the tools you need to prepare for the changes ahead. BSCAI and a team of consultants are building a toolkit that contractor members can use to prepare, plan, react and communicate regarding to healthcare reform legislation.

BSCAI’s Healthcare Reform Toolkit includes:

Calculators: Members can determine the essentials, including their company size as defined by the government, FTE employees, compliance with federal benefit laws, and penalties.
• Checklist: This comprehensive checklist will be based on company size and list the issues to consider related to healthcare reform legislation.
Compliance Toolkit: The toolkit will provide all necessary materials to be in compliance with PPACA and ERISA.
Webinar Series: BSCAI members will take a deep dive into topics critical to contractors and compliance.
Question and Answer “Hotline”: Members will be able to submit questions and receive personalized responses from BSCAI consultants.
Monthly E-newsletter: The newsletter will address hot topics, provide updates and link to resources and national stories related to healthcare reform.
Communication Templates: Members can use customizable templates for communicating with customers and employees related to changes made necessary by healthcare reform legislation.
Presentations: The lead consultant on topics related to healthcare reform, Ruthann Laswick, will give in-person presentations at BSCAI events.

To learn more visit www.bscai.org

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