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Cleaning Contractors Take On New Construction Cleanup

Written by  Sam Burroughs

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Late summer and early fall in the South is a great time to start thinking about adding on new construction cleanup services to your existing business model. This vital service would help service a region that experiences a barrage of hurricanes and storms, leaving many of your clients in need of cleanup jobs done.

Adding on construction cleanup services comes with its own list of pros and cons, according to an article in the Balance. The costs to enter into these services is low, there is good earning potential and new construction cleanup pairs nicely with other diversifications to your business such as outdoor touch-up work, lawn care and window cleaning.

Conversely, the work will be very laborious. In some situations in the south, where large construction cleanup jobs were needed after the hurricanes, you may become inundated with requests solely for construction and other outdoor cleanup.

This service may require you to higher more men, invest in heat-safety training for all employees, obtain liability insurance and be bonded and be aware of all the licensing requirements of your state and local governments, as well as all OSHA requirements.

Your employees can anticipate highly physical labor that includes being exposed to excess dust and other building materials, which makes the additional safety training imperative. Ladders and other equipment to clear debris at a construction site or after a natural disaster will vary, and depending on what your employees specialize in, you may need to train them on how to safely and properly use any equipment.


Aside from acquiring any equipment you may need to perform construction cleanup jobs in the South, the licensing, insuring and bonding tends to be the biggest new costs you’ll be introducing to your cleaning business, if you haven’t already.

Depending on the city, a license can be relatively inexpensive, but they may also require spending time learning the legal aspects of the business and a multiple choice test, according to an article in Backwoods Home Magazine by Dorothy Ainsworth.

It is also important to note that in some states, you may need a contractor’s license to do post-construction cleaning, according to the article.

For more information, you can contact the Construction Contractor’s Board in your state for details on what is required in the areas you are working in. In addition to applying for the license, you can also obtain your bonding and insurance through the CCB, or you can do so through a private company.


One of the benefits to this diversification is that you may already have some of the equipment needed to be effective in this field. Things such as various-sized ladders, trucks, vans, Shop-Vacs, regular vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, brooms and all of the basics will come in handy.

You may want to invest in non-toxic cleaning solutions, rubber gloves, bamboo skewer sticks and tooth brushes for detail work, according to Ainsworth in the article. These items come in handy when cleaning the inside of a post-construction site for the first time.


Post-construction cleanup in the South can be both residential and commercial enterprises and you may find your existing business structure better suited for one or the other. The extent to which you offer these services, whether they be strictly outdoor cleanup or cleaning newlyconstructed buildings and houses, will also be up to you.

With all diversification projects, it is important to think of the additional equipment, training and man power you may need to be effective, while still maintaining your current commercial cleaning business.


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