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Happy Holidays from SERVICES Magazine

From all of us at SERVICES Magazine, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. We are excited to see you in the new year. Keep an eye out for the first 2018 edition of SERVICES Magazine for all of the latest news for the BSC industry.

New in Technology: The Self-Driving Car


We all know the janitorial industry is getting much more high-tech. At recent cleaning tradeshows, we have seen examples of floor scrubbers that remembered where and how to scrub floors in certain areas of a facility – no driver needed.
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Cleaning Contractors Take On New Construction Cleanup


Adding on construction cleanup services comes with its own list of pros and cons, according to an article in the Balance. The costs to enter into these services is low, there is good earning potential and new construction cleanup could pair nicely with your current services. Read More

Building Relationships - Four Things Every Manager Needs To Know


We have all been there at one point of our career: the opportunity comes to advance in our company or we take on a position with another BSC to grow in the industry. However it happens, building relationships with other employees becomes paramount to our success.
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