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SERVICES Magazine presents: The Wild West

A look inside recent BSC and industry news from America's most diverse region.

Diversification: Mow Lawns, More Money

Adding on landscaping services to your existing business model as a BSC can be a low-cost endeavor that diversifies what you can offer your clients.
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How to Find (and Keep) Your Clients

Part of a successful cleaning contractor’s marketing strategy is to determine exactly what type of clients to serve. Specializing in one or more types of clients also makes it easier to “price” an account because you can benchmark the customer against other similar ones.
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Outsourcing and Trust: An Inside Look Into Outsourcing for BSCs

We have heard the word “outsourcing” used quite a bit. It often refers to the outsourcing of work from North American factories, for instance, to factories in other parts of the world. But for building owners and managers, outsourcing means something else.
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