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OSHA Warns Workers Against Storm Cleanup Hazards

As tornadoes and thunderstorms rock the midwest, OSHA asks everyone working to cleanup and remediate damage to be aware of the unique hazards found in post-storm environments.

Cleaning Company Discusses Overnight Success, Offers Tips

One cleaning company discusses how it turned its $20,000 website into a $9 million business almost overnight. MyClean, a cleaning company founded in 2009, started with an Uber-based model of cleaning and outsourced cleaners to customers. After a string of bad Yelp reviews, MyClean decided it was time to make some changes.

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Janitorial Workers Sue Employer for Failure to Pay Overtime

A class-action lawsuit has been filed against a New Orleans janitorial services by five workers who allege that the company violated compensations acts. According to the complaint, the workers routinely worked over 40 hours a week without pay.

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Marketing Strategies to Improve Your Company’s Visibility

While you may have the basic marketing strategies covered, it is always important to keep in mind ways to improve. From re-writing your website text to launching a video series, here are a few ways you can step up your game.Read More

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