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NEWS: Janitors Strike in Light of New Administration

Minneapolis janitorial workers that clean the Home Depot stores in the metro area have begun a strike against their cleaning contractor in response to what they are calling the "anti-worker agenda" of President Trump.

Federally Mandated Timekeeping Rules Analyzed

Employers are warned to keep a close eye on how they follow the U.S. Department of Labor's rules for timekeeping. While the rules allow exceptions, employers are urged to stay informed on what that really means in tandem with the "complete and accurate" time records mandate.

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NEWS: Detroit Taxpayers May Foot the Bill for School District Janitorial Services

Detroit taxpayers are potentially facing a $31 million bill for janitorial services provided to the Detroit Public School System from 2011 until 2014. A jantiorial company said that the city owes it millions of dollars for cleaning services that were never paid for while the district claims that the company did not live up to the terms of its contract.

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Wearable Technology Making Waves in Services Industry

From smart glasses to advanced watches, wearable technology is becoming more prevelant in the workplace. Industry services, such as the janitorial industry, are seeing benefits of wearable technology that not only improve how a job can get done, but can also create greater customer satisfaction. Read More

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