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From SERVICES Magazine: Ideas for BSCs During the Cooler Months

As we fall into the cooler months, clients nation-wide are experiencing a revolving door of needs when it comes to their janitorial services. While BSCs are more than equipped to handle the demands of every season, adding on temporary services for your clients can increase your overall year-round value as a company. For this issue, we will look into leaf removal. This service, typically reserved for lawn care companies, may be a good way to add on complimentary seasonal services that increases your value as a company throughout the year.

Janitorial Services Part of Rapidly Growing Non-Traditional Workforce

A study has shown that from 2005 to 2015, the number of independent contractors and workers from contract firms has increased considerably. Janitors that are paid by a janitorial service firm fall under this category as researchers uncover a decade-long pattern of the increase in the non-traditional workforce.

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Smart House: The Future of Commercial Cleaning

In the past decade, we have witnessed a number of technological advances that have had direct influence on the professional cleaning industry. While many of these involved the cleaning tools and equipment we use, advances in technology have impacted communication between customers, cleaning contractors, and their staff.

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Budgeting Ahead: The Importance of Anticipating Needs

As this year comes to a close, accurate planning and budgeting for 2017 and its potential related expenses is vital. In the Virginia Business, one author underscores the importance proper budgeting for building maintenance management and outlines how to anticipate the cleaning needs of the new year. Read More

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