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From SERVICES Magazine: How Online Universities Are Changing the Game for BSCs

One of the greatest benefits of continual technological innovation is the amount of information and the ease of access to it. For BSCs, working in an industry with high turnover means that we continually have to find ways to provide employees access to essential training and educational materials. This is one of the key ways to keep a multitude of employees up to date and in tip-top shape.

Roanoke Couple Turns Part-Time Startup into Full-Time Commercial Cleaning Business

Two Roanoke residents talk about their journey to starting a successful commercial cleaning business. What began as a project from home has turned into a 22-employee, full-time business, according to the Roanoke Times.

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State Janitorial Jobs in Tennessee Could Be Outsourced

Plans to outsource a statewide facilities service contractor are underway in Tennessee after a study showed estimated savings of over $35 million per year for Tennessee Universities, according to the Memphis Daily News.

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New OSHA Rules Survive Challenge

New OSHA regulations have taken affect. The provisions restrict workplace safety incentives and post-accident drug testing programs as well as broaden record-keeping rules, according to the Society of Human Resource Management. The new rules faced serious challenges in court. A federal judge has decided not to prevent OSHA from enacting the provisions. Read More

Nov / Dec 2016

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