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New OSHA Restrictions Delayed Until Dec. 1

OSHA’s newly written anti-retaliation provisions, that included restrictions on subjective post-accident drug testing, have been delayed until December 1. Read more about this here and in our upcoming edition of SERVICES.

Industrial Achievement: San Francisco Janitor Made Six Figures Last Year

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) janitor made over $150,000 in overtime pay last year, according to Time Magazine.

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University Janitors Rally for Wage Increases

Janitors at Tufts University avoid a strike after a deal is struck for a wage increase from $19.35 to $21.55, according to the Boston Globe. Similarly, Harvard University janitors have also recently rallied for fair wage increases, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian. These rallies come only weeks after Boston barely avoided a massive janitorial strike.

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San Diego-based Company Releasing Automated Floor Cleaner

The machine will be able to clean without a human driver, according to KPBS news. During testing, the robot was able to self-guide itself through fake grocery store aisles. Features include beeping when rounding corners to alert people that is approaching, and visual recognition of obstacles to avoid hitting people or other objects. Read More

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