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OSHA Creates New Guidelines For Approving Settlements Between Employees and Employers

OSHA has published new guidelines that prohibit approving settlements between employers and employees that restrict future whistleblowing. These provisions say that OSHA will not approve settlements containing provisions, such as gag orders, that would restrict an employee from filing a complaint with a government agency, testifying in proceedings, or providing other information to the government. Check out the new guidelines, published on September 9, to make sure you are up to date on how to handle settlements with employees.

An In-Depth Look at the Importance of Building Service Contractors and Their Employees

The Atlantic interviews a janitor at Harvard University to see how building service employees view their job. The Q & A takes a look into why the cleaning industry is vital and how employees view their place in the industry.

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Automated Cleaning Machines May Become the Future of the Industry

Building service contractors are exploring the world of robots with interest in “autonomous navigation technology,” according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. This look into robotics is aimed at utilizing cleaning machines that operate without humans. Tennant Co., a company that is focusing on sustainable cleaning innovations, is looking into this technology as a practical way to reduce costs across the board in the cleaning industry as advanced equipment becomes more affordable.

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Cleaning Business Looks Into Using App to Decrease Employee Turnover

The Molly Maid located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has a project plan for a mobile app that will reduce employee turnover. The app is targeted at the millennial employee workforce. Molly Maid employees who participate in training sessions delivered through the app, such as viewing short video clips, can receive rewards. The app will also allow employees to check in with their coworkers so that they can easily share pertinent information.

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ExpressTime Online Suite Offers Solutions

KeyTime Mobile, a smart phone app, allows employees to clock in and clock out from their phones. The app uses the GPS function to verify their location and the coordinates are recorded in the ExpressTime database. Check out the ExpressTime Insider for additional information.

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