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Security and Access Control

In today’s world, the need for cutting-edge, high-tech security is paramount and BMS’ security division, Guard Management Service Company (GMSC) meets these needs by offering employee background checks, licensed, uniformed guards and access control. Because security diversification is a significant part of the BMS formula for success, we sat down with Doherty to discuss this aspect of his business and uncover ways other companies can emulate their success.

Scum Busting

Whether you're an established building service contractor or a new company trying to find your niche, adding power washing service taps into a market with a consistent demand, year round. Most building managers you currently service are probably already outsourcing pressure washing to another company, but most would prefer to let their existing BSC perform this task on an as needed basis. This makes pressure washing a good fit for most BSCs on the hunt for the service diversification model that can turn leads into revenue.

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Benefits of Diversifying Your Services

There is reason many BSCs, especially large contractors, are either currently experiencing or can expect revenue growth, and that is because they are diversifying their services more to help overcome economic ups and downs. This trend is an outcome of the Great Recession.

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There’s No Business Like Snow Business

Snow and ice removal can dovetail nicely into the overall business model of a Building Service Contractor (BSC) and it can be highly profitable. Offering this service can also make your workforce more productive on an annual basis by turning a snow-day into a workday. But it also has its own unique challenges. Here are some of the considerations we discovered. Snow and ice have different characteristics. Therefore, both have to be considered separately.

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July / August 2016

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