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Chemical-Free H2O Cleaning

About six years ago, the professional cleaning industry was introduced to automatic scrubbers that could clean and maintain floors by electrically converting regular tap water into a cleaning agent. While there was certainly some controversy about these systems when they were first introduced—mainly revolving around claims about their cleaning effectiveness— these days chemical-free floor machines appear to be quite popular and are now used around the world.

Zika Virus Now a Global Health Crises

The Zika virus was first discovered in monkeys in Uganda, was transmitted to humans in 2015 and since then more than a million people have been infected. As BSC’s become increasing responsible for maintaining large facilities, campuses and the open areas around buildings, combatting mosquito infestation on property is vitally important, as the control of mosquito infestation is only way to combat the disease currently. Learn more about this virus and how it effects the general public and babies whose mothers contract the disease while pregnant.

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BSC’s Fight Against Disease

As the primary stewards of a building’s cleanliness and safety, custodial workers are on the frontlines when it comes to battling the spread of infections. While in the past infection control was largely relegated to healthcare facilities, the much-publicized threat of illnesses, such as bird flu, swine flu, and MRSA, has caused an increased demand for more stringent cleaning practices in other built environments as well. What’s more, the Centers for Disease Control estimate that US workers miss up to 70 million days a year just due to the common cold—at a cost of some $8 million each year—so there is genuine cause for concern.

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Unraveling the Mystery of Cleaning for Health

Following various social media posts, I notice that one of the most discussed topics in our industry centers around finding reliable employees and getting them to stay. Members of the various groups mention how they use the different recruiting websites or how they target certain age groups, such as over fifty-five or college students, etc. I believe employers need to focus on social media and many other issues in order to reduce the revolving door of employees.

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Combat Flying Pests

Flying pest populations often soar with the arrival of summer’s warm temperatures. Houseflies and smaller insects, like fruit and fungus flies, as well as mosquitoes and nuisance birds take to the air this time of year looking for a place to beat the heat. Don’t let your property be an inviting place to land. When these winged pests descend on your property, their infestations can damage your reputation and even cause harm to your staff, tenants, customers, and guests.Read More


July / August 2016

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