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Avoid Legal Risks When Interviewing

From a legal compliance standpoint, interviewing and screening applicants is a time of high risk for your company. Most employers know that it is illegal to discriminate against a candidate in the hiring process based on nationality, religion, age, marital or family status, gender, health and physical ability, military status and, in some locations, sexual identity and criminal background.

How to Hire or Recruit Employees

In order to find the right employees, be detailed and direct from the very beginning of the process. Use all the resources at your disposal including LinkedIn and network to develop relationships with professional organizations in your area in order to recruit those already employed in other organizations.

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Hiring or Recruiting?

There might be lots of people looking for a paycheck right now, but an increase in the quantity of job applicants doesn’t automatically translate to an increase in the quality of job applicants. BSCs should always focus on recruiting the best employees, rather than simply hiring the first people that walk through their doors. To do this, you need to convince potential employees that what you’re offering them is a “career” as opposed to just a “job.”

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Finding and Keeping Reliable Employees

Following various social media posts, I notice that one of the most discussed topics in our industry centers around finding reliable employees and getting them to stay. Members of the various groups mention how they use the different recruiting websites or how they target certain age groups, such as over fifty-five or college students, etc. I believe employers need to focus on social media and many other issues in order to reduce the revolving door of employees.

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The Top 10 Hiring Mistakes

Remember that people are not your most important asset—the right people are. When defining the quality of a potential new employee, knowledge, attitude and whether they are a good cultural fit for your company is vital. You cannot train for these qualities. They must exist. Prioritize these characteristics such as are they reliable and dependable, and do they have pride of ownership in their job?Read More


May / June 2016

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