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9 Tips on the Handling the Walkthrough Bidding Process

If the walkthrough involves several cleaning contractors, get there early. This may give you an opportunity to get to know the client and for them to get to know you. While you chat it is fair to ask why they are taking bids. Is it to cut costs? Are they unhappy with the current service? Is the current service provider leaving? Are they just comparison shopping? These questions can help you better understand what you are walking into should you win the account.

How to Write a Cover Letter that Sells

A cover letter can be one of your most important selling features of your proposal. What does your cover letter say about you? Details, hotspots and special levels of concern that you learned in the bid walkthrough hold the key to your chances of creating a powerful cover letter. A good cover letter is your opportunity to show the facility manager that you have a plan to uniquely fulfill their wants and needs expressed during the walk-through.
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Use Work Loading—Not Guestimates—to Create Better Bids

Astute facility managers are far too savvy to accept guesstimates. Often, they not only want fair and accurate cleaning estimates from commercial janitorial service providers, but they also want to know how the cleaning contractor determined their bids. Fortunately, there are scientific ways commercial cleaning companies can make very accurate bids that help them not only determine their own costs to service the facility, but also calculate appropriate profit margins to make winning the contract worthwhile.

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Open Floor Plans and the Contract Cleaner

According to Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, as of 2013, fully seventy percent of American employees now work in open-plan offices. Employers like open-plan offices because they allow for flexible workspaces, reduce design and construction costs, and can enhance staff collaboration and teamwork. These designs have impacted cleaning contractors and they may need to go back to the drawing board, when it comes to cleaning and bidding on large, open-plan offices.

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Making Bidding and Estimating Work for You

Contracts come, contracts go, and, ideally, contracts grow. But winning and maintaining contracts may be easier said than done. Bidding and estimating plays an important part in that process. Some of the most basic principles in business are making all the difference for commercial janitorial service providers these days. Successful providers will showcase their adoption of technological solutions in conjunction with their operational savvy, and just like in high school, to the victor go the spoils.Read More


May / June 2016

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