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Quantifying Altruism. Does it Add Up?

While you attend to the daily grind of running your business and running it well, don’t forget to look up. Obviously you know that giving back will make you feel good while you are doing it and after the fact, but beyond intrinsic rewards, what tangible results should be expected from the business owner who invests his company’s time and resources to a worthy cause? The pay-offs of corporate charity work are multi-faceted but they all add up to a more successful business model.

Choosing the Right Charity for Your Business

You already know you need to start giving back and the benefits of doing so, but which charity is the right choice for your business? This clip gives ideas about how to choose the right charity and provides examples regrading incentives other businesses like yours have had in deciding what altruism looks like to them. Get a pen and paper ready because you will want to use these key point to unlock untapped potential for giving back and the limitless growth that the right charitable giving can spark.
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4 Ways Your Company Benefits from Giving Back

Entrepreneur Journalist John Boitnott discusses the exchange between business owners, charities within the communities in which they operate and how consumers respond to that exchange. He surmises that even though businesses don’t expect a direct payoff for their donations of time and money, most successful entrepreneurs give back. Philanthropy is not only good for your company but your employees and community too. Boitnott describes that altruistic formula as part of a winning business model that is replicable and can be profitable for your business too.

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Reclaiming Detroit’s Playgrounds

The Detroit Mower Gang is made up of a couple dozen of do-gooders who refuse to let parkland go to waste. They are service workers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in all industries who come together every other Wednesday to mow down deserted parks so kids in those neighborhoods can have a place to play. Michael Nardone is the group’s founder who took it upon himself back in 2010 to mow a local park with his riding lawn mower just because it needed done. Others showed up with mowers, weed-wackers and the desire to improve their community…and the Detroit Mower Gang was born.

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Philanthropic Philosophy: Marsden Building Maintenance

It’s no secret that when people work together, great things happen. Marsden Building Maintenance gives back to the community in many ways. Besides the ten percent of its pretax profit donated to various charities, MBM also donates time and salaried staff to help repair homes for the elderly and the disabled through the Hearts and Hammers Project in the Twin Cities, employees crochet afghans for homeless children, and is heavily involved in Ronald McDonald Christmas gift donations.Read More


May / June 2016

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