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Building a Successful Team

There is a strong connection between a person’s level of fear and their potential to succeed. Unfortunately, fear is systemic in many of today’s workplaces. Indeed, many work environments are managed through philosophies based on fear and anger. To this end, fear is one of the main reasons many leaders fail, many employees defer, and many companies die. A simple acronym for the word fear is “false evidence appearing real.”

The Difference Between a Boss and A Leader

Have you ever taken a good hard look in the mirror and considered what shoes you are filling for your employees. While some may look at the difference in being a leader or a boss as just semantics, I can tell you that the idiosyncrasies between the two can determine if you are creating a fear based organizational culture or an inspired one. So what type of organization are you building as the one in charge of developing your company’s growth through building people?
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Benchmarking Your Own Operations

While comparing your numbers and processes against other companies in the industry is a popular strategy, I want to present a different perspective on the benchmarking process. I think it is vitally important to benchmark against one major company—your own. I know, we are all generally aware of what is happening in our own company, but when was the last time you really looked closely at how you are operating?

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15 Duties You Should Outsources to Consultants

The commercial cleaning industry is dominated by small companies with annual sales under $2 million. Many of these companies have the energy to grow and improve, but lack the internal staff or expertise to do what is necessary to grow and improve. Consultants can be a great advantage for companies of all sizes but especially for those who think strategically and want to differentiate their company from their competitor.

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Jan / Feb 2016

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