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Rejuvenation is Key to Effective Leadership

Couldn’t we all use a little rejuvenation? Those in leadership positions are often confronted with especially high levels of stress and pressure that can lead to exhaustion if not well managed. How wonderful it would be to truly rejuvenate ourselves—to feel young and healthy again, with a new strength and energy for both our business and families.

America: The No Vacation Nation

America is known as the no vacation nation. We work till our hearts give out-literally. Relieving stress is just one aspect of taking some time off around the holidays. But corporately, we are all better off if we can recharge and regroup. We hope you take advantage of all the holidays have to offer.

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Visit a Museum that Matters, Like This One

With over five thousand items relating to all aspects of clean, including a massive collection of pre-electric vacuum cleaners, a beautiful clean art gallery, and The World’s Only Orchestra Of Clean, visitors to the museum are promised an unforgettable and surprising visit, with many interactive and hands on displays for both children and adults.

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The Power of Praise: Boost Employee Motivation with Positive Feedback

Think back and picture someone in the past that really motivated you to do your best. Be it a teacher, parent, or coach, chances are this person probably wasn’t someone who constantly criticized you. Instead, the person is likely someone who believed in you and encouraged you with lots of praise. They recognized when you performed well, and they consistently let you know they appreciated your effort. It sounds too simple to be true, but effective praise can be one of the most powerful employee motivators—even more so than money.
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Nov / Dec 2015

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