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Engage Potential Customers through Content Marketing

Content marketing is not selling; however, it is definitely marketing. While there is no set definition for content marketing, one that most people in the content marketing industry are comfortable with is that it is a marketing program based on the sharing of quality, credible, and pertinent information. This is essentially what I was doing while working those message boards.

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Top 10 Tips for a GREAT Corporate Video

There are lots to consider when you develop video marketing. Lighting choices and sound quality as well as wardrobe choices matter and can make you look much more professional. Scripts are vital so make sure you know what to say concisely to get your message across. Short snappy corporate videos are effective.

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Why Include Advertorial Features in Your Advertising Strategy?

Adds that match the content of a website or print piece and blend in with content are called native ads and work to capture your audience’s interest in the context of the content presented. Ads that look like articles get 81% more orders than identical copy set in ad style, according to a test conducted by Reader’s Digest. Readers are more than 500 times more likely to read an advertorial than a straight ad. This type of advertising strategy can help you educate your customers about your newest and most innovative product or service.
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How One BSC Reluctantly Embraced Social Media...and Discovered a Powerful New Marketing Tool

In the old days, much of the sales process centered on face-to- face meetings. The key was connecting to a client’s needs, responding intelligently to their problems, and sealing the deal by looking them in the eye over a warm handshake. I couldn’t see how social media could ever replace face-to-face contact in the business world. However, I’ve since learned that if you do it right, social media can be an extremely efficient way of connecting with customers and prospects. For me, social media is like having a close friend recommend my services to other people they know.
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Sept / Oct 2015

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