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Natural Grown Killers: What BSCs Should Know About Biopesticides

Over the past few decades, chemists have developed a healthier, more environmentally friendly approach to pest control using a variety of natural ingredients. These products are known as bio pesticides, and they will not only enhance your pest control program, they will make your operations more “green” and profitable!

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13 Secrets for Making Your Cleaning Business a Success

A collection of well-established BSCs offer behind-the-scenes tips and strategies for running a successful commercial cleaning company. Learn how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls of the janitorial business. The author speaks to the benefits of life-long learning, joining professional organizations, and how to find your niche.
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6 Hot Tips for Effective Employee Training

To get the most out of your employee training, establish consistent practices and procedures to educate both new and experienced employees. Well-trained employees translate to higher profits and an increased ability to achieve company goals. Faced with multi-generational workforce, with some employees taking selfies and others reading the newspaper on breaks, how does an employer establish rules that help the team gel and be more productive?
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Strategies for Saving Energy Through Green Cleaning

Implementing a green cleaning program will not only help a BSC become more environmentally responsible, it can also help improve energy efficiency. By adopting a few simple practices, commercial cleaning companies can dramatically cut down on their client’s energy use, while at the same time, making their facilities more sustainable.
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July / Aug 2015

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