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After a behemoth cleaning company started to pursue a former hourly janitor for taking a job in the same building she had been cleaning in, but for a different firm, insiders ask themselves how far can the noncompete reach in the cleaning industry?  

Henry Morales, the lead custodian at IDEA Ingram Hills, is known for his pride in keeping his campus clean and keep students safe.

Workers rallied in Indianapolis for higher wages that would put janitors at equal pay as public employees. The hope is to work toward a living wage. 

In a lawsuit against C&W Facilities, Boston janitor Arcadio Cruz says he was discriminated against because of his Roman Catholic Faith.

OSHA takes a look how to best prepare for restorations and repairs after a flood. 

The U.S. Department of Labor is warning all workers participating in the clean-up of Hurricane Florence.

Female janitors working the night shift are taking self-defense classes to ensure their ongoing safety both on and off the job.

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