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Love it or hate it, traveling is a big part of doing business these days. In this NYT’s blog post, travel veteran and small business owner Tom Szaky shares 10 ways to keep your stress to a minimum when on the road.

Historically, hiring good employees has been one of the most challenging aspects of running a small business. Here are seven ways small business owners can improve their hiring practices and find employees that will bring long-term value to the company.

A Clean Campus is a Healthy Campus

“When you walk onto a campus, you want it to be an educational environment that is conducive to learning,” says Larry Price, director of facilities at Everett (Wash.) Community College. “Good cleaning helps with that philosophy; when you walk onto our campus, you know you’re in an environment that will foster success."

While nearly all major companies now have websites, many sites fail to engage customers because they lack a few basic elements. Since it’s the first thing any customer sees, the front page of your website must feature several key pieces of information. Here are five things your homepage should never be without.

Are you a truly “fearless” business owner? When it comes to your business performance, are others likely to describe you as a “badass”? This article provides eight ways that business owners can take control of their companies and achieve the success most people only dream about.

Social media is a unique marketing tool because it allows you to directly interact with your customers and potential customers. One area where social media interaction can be extremely effective is in communicating what steps your company is taking to “go green.”

Saturday, 31 January 2009 19:00

The Challenge of Cleaning for Sports

The Challenge of Cleaning for Sports

When the subject of challenging cleaning situations comes up, I always think of the years that our company cleaned for the athletic department of a major southeastern university. The main sports were football in the fall, basketball in winter and baseball in the spring.

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