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For small business owners, being good at saving money is a critical skill. Here are 12 creative strategies for doing more with less.

Customized Marketing Solutions— Receive More and Pay Less

BSCAI Affinity Partners provide custom-tailored marketing solutions at exclusive BSCAI member prices.

The Health and Finances of Green Cleaning

Imagine two scenarios that take place commonly across America. The first is in a private-sector boardroom of a corporation looking for ways to improve its bottom-line. The second in the public-sector board meeting of a school district seeking to improve fiscal efficiencies, as well as student results on standardized tests.

Microfiber Cleaning Systems

One of the major recent innovations in cleaning products is based on microscopic technology: man-made fibers much finer than a single human hair. Comprehensive professional cleaning systems designed around microfiber fabric have been developed and refined over the past several years.

How to Take the LEED in Green Pest Control

Today, building owners across the world are looking for ways to minimize their operating costs and cut down on their environmental impact. As a result, interest in LEED certification has continued to grow. An owner seeking LEED certification for their building may be surprised to learn that reducing the environmental impact of a property’s pest management program is a relatively easy way to obtain two LEED credit points.

LEED 2012 What’s Changing and How to Comply

Green cleaning standards are growing ever more stringent, and the new LEED 2012 certification requirements reflect the new benchmarks for sustainable cleaning.

Robots: The Future of Cleaning?

While robots have been a part of the American economy for decades, from primary sector industries such as mining and agriculture to secondary sector industries such as manufacturing, the service industry has yet to integrate robotics to a significant extent.

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