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Quantifying Altruism

Whether you are an established business owner or just starting out as a new Building Service Contractor (BSC), growing your business is probably one of your New Year’s Resolutions. While you attend to the daily grind of running your business and running it well, don’t forget to look up. Be a part of the community that supports your company and give back to a cause that is important to your employees and to you.

Movie Props Bring ‘Joy’ to Wisconsin Manufacturer

What is a Mop? Yes, a Mop is an everyday essential tool that commercial custodians rely on to clean floors, but when is a mop so much more than that?


Still pushing a germ infested traditional cotton mop? Learn about microfiber, cutting labor costs and germ containment as our experts offer up practical knowledge about this everyday cleaning essential.

Utilize ATP as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Essentially, it was luck that got me started in the professional cleaning industry. By this I mean that some janitorial accounts simply fell into my lap. In my early twenties, I met the manager of a shipping company that was looking for someone to clean its new offices…and hired me.

A Walk Through the Museum

The Museum of Clean was founded by Don Aslett, founder of Varsity Facility Services, nationally recognized motivational speaker, and bestselling author of forty books on the multiple aspects of clean and clean living. Housed in a reclaimed block of now connected buildings in the warehouse district of Pocatello, Idaho’s old town, the seventy-five thousand square foot complex of the Museum Of Clean is a green, LEED Certified building.

Find Your Fix

Keep it clean with the right software solution. TEAM: WinTeam is the core software solution featuring accounting human resources and benefits, insurance benefits management, payroll, work scheduling, work ticket tools, inventory, and compliance. WinTeam features a unique job-centric structure which allows BSCs to track profitability down to the job level.

Quality Labor and Increasing Minimum Wage

With recent mandates in minimum wage increases across the US, hiring a quality staff has become a challenge for BSCs. Hiring professional, dependable, and motivated employees, while keeping rates low enough to win bids is a real challenge. As the President and CEO of The Kleane Kare Team, I have learned by trial and error how to run a successful business.

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