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Know the Difference Between Green and Sustainable

There’s no doubt that green practices save money, are better for workers and the employees who work in the buildings. Embracing green is better for environment, improves waste streams, prevents air pollution, and reduces carbon output.

Published in May/Jun 2016
Shifting Paradigms: Cedar Rapids Schools’ CleaningCulture

What began as a part-time custodial job while attending college, has matured into a lifelong vocation for Matthew Dunbar, Manager of Custodial and Grounds for the Cedar Rapids Community School District, (CRCSD). In this role, Dunbar directs custodian janitor operations for the second largest school district in Iowa; overseeing one hundred-fifteen building engineers and custodians spread out amongst thirty-three facilities.

Published in Mar/Apr 2016
Tuesday, 26 January 2016 11:46

Quantifying Altruism

Quantifying Altruism

Whether you are an established business owner or just starting out as a new Building Service Contractor (BSC), growing your business is probably one of your New Year’s Resolutions. While you attend to the daily grind of running your business and running it well, don’t forget to look up. Be a part of the community that supports your company and give back to a cause that is important to your employees and to you.

Published in Jan/Feb 2016
Utilize ATP as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Essentially, it was luck that got me started in the professional cleaning industry. By this I mean that some janitorial accounts simply fell into my lap. In my early twenties, I met the manager of a shipping company that was looking for someone to clean its new offices…and hired me.

Published in Jan/Feb 2016
SEO Basics for Small Business Owners Maximize the marketing potential of your website

In today’s high-tech world, having a website is a necessity for any business—big or small—and building service contracting is no different. Outside of providing the relevant contact information for your business, a website’s primary value is as a marketing vehicle. Given this, it’s vital that you’re able to get as many people as possible to view— and engage with—your site.

Published in Jan/Feb 2015
Six Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Take advantage of the marketing opportunities offered by mobile-phone technology.

Published in Newswire
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