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The Art of Firing Employees

No one, except perhaps Donald Trump, likes to fire people. Typically it is a stressful, scary and upsetting experience for everyone involved. So is it possible that there is actually an “art” to firing an employee? In a word, yes.

In the world of contract security, we have all experienced those days when we look at the clock and wonder where the day has gone. We feel particularly frustrated because we worked 10 or 12 hours and don’t feel like we accomplished much.

America today faces a major crisis in leadership that spans politics, government, business, nonprofits, education and religion. Confidence in our leaders has fallen to an all-time low. Recent surveys by the Gallup Poll show that only 22 percent of Americans trust our business leaders, and even fewer trust our political leaders. That’s not just a problem—it represents the potential for disaster. 

A high-quality performance, whether it is on the basketball court or in a cubicle, will only happen if a person is efficient with their time. A company is only as efficient as their worker. It takes discipline to become an effective person. Here are a few tips to start the day right and successfully approach interpersonal interactions and events.