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Lower Costs of Disinfection | Q & A with Dr. Benjamin Tanner

The most common myth I hear about disinfection is that all cleaners disinfect, and that’s not the case. Most green cleaners do not disinfect and I is very important for BSCs to verify that they actually kill germs. For chemicals, you can look for something that’s an EPA registered disinfectant. Then for devices, you want to look for a manufacturer that has ample data showing that their product actually kills microorganisms.


There is growing evidence that sanitizing textiles in place − such as healthcare privacy curtains − could have a huge impact on reducing disease transmission. Why? These are touched often, but laundered infrequently.

In addition to the ExpressTime Online time-management system, ExpressTime Solutions also produces ExpressInspections, a web-based program that allows BSCs to perform facility inspections using any mobile device with internet access.

While the concept of leasing equipment for cleaning is relatively new in our industry, it has been in use outside the cleaning industry for years. If you have never leased equipment, there are a number of solid financial reasons that deserve consideration.

If your company is like most, the fourth quarter of the year inevitably brings with it the joyous process of budgeting for the coming year. A few years ago, this process was made bearable by the fact that there was money for new people, equipment and services vital to the growth of your business. But over the past few years, the typical refrain coming out of budgets meetings is “do more with the same resources.”