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When the Bidding Process Goes Wrong - Learning from my mistakes

I'm a former Building Service Contractor who worked in Northern California. At one point fairly early in my career, myself and six other BSCs bid on a cleaning contract for a major advertising firm in San Francisco. The facility was located in a historical district that had many old warehouses, which have since been converted into office space.

Published in Sep/Oct 2015
Becoming the ‘Father of Green Cleaning’ - An interview with Stephen Ashkin

Many people in the building service industry know Stephen Ashkin as the “Father of Green Cleaning.” But what they don’t know is just how many years it took him to earn this title and why he is considered such a leader in the green cleaning movement, not only in North America, but around the world.

Published in Sep/Oct 2015
Standards and Processes to Help BSCs Reduce Supply Costs

Some building services contractors may not be aware of the many ways in which large contract cleaning companies reduce supply costs—not only for themselves, but for their clients as well.

Published in Jul/Aug 2015
I Know We Just Met, But Would You Like to Get Married?

One of the most common mistakes I see small business owners make in regards to their marketing efforts is that they expect their prospects to buy from them almost immediately after their first introduction to the business.

Published in Jul/Aug 2015
Assessing the True Cost of Cleaning Equipment

When selecting professional cleaning devices, it is vital for building service contractors to not only consider the upfront cost of purchasing such equipment, but also to be aware of all of the additional costs involved with owning the device over its lifetime.

Published in Jul/Aug 2015
The Growth of Standards and Certification in Commercial Cleaning

A couple decades ago, my brother, who is a teacher in Europe, was offered a six-month teaching position in Russia. He gladly accepted the position, but soon he realized that living in Russia in the late 1990s had its problems, and one of the most significant issues was eating.

Published in Jul/Aug 2015
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