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Stand-On Machines New Technology for Old Challenges

With all of the new developments in cleaning equipment over the past few years, one of the most exciting to emerge is stand-on equipment. Stand-on equipment offers a number of advantages in operational costs, safety and productivity that will help you get the job done faster than conventional walk-behind or rider units.

Published in Technology
Immigrants Find the American Dream with Commercial Cleaning Franchise

In today's economy, finding the "American Dream" can be about as likely as a million dollar Powerball win. However, for two commercial cleaning franchisees, it proved to be readily attainable.

Published in Business
Business Communication: Resolution Preparedness Techniques

Perhaps the most difficult part of having a deep conversation with someone you work with on a daily basis is getting the process started.

Published in Jun/Jul 2010
Tuesday, 28 September 2010 14:49

Industry Trends & Projections

Industry Trends & Projections

Services magazine is proud to present our annual Industry Trends and Future Projections report for 2010. In it, we interview numerous industry experts—BSCs, vendors and consultants—to get their feedback on what is happening right now and what their projections are for the near future.

Published in Aug/Sep 2010
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