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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 10:54

Advice on Marketing Your Janitorial Services

Advice on Marketing Your Janitorial Services

You’ve got a dedicated, hardworking staff ready to get to work, all the equipment necessary to do a top-notch job for the finest residential and commercial properties, and a dream to grow your janitorial business into a national franchise. You have all the right stuff; all you need now are customers. A few marketing tips can help you build a client base and grow your business.

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Seize the Moment: Marketing Your Company Using Google’s ZMOT Strategy

Google's Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) is when a potential buyer picks up his or her laptop, smartphone, desktop computer, or tablet and starts searching for products and services. They educate themselves about their various options, which companies offer those options, and which business is most informative in their purchase decision.

Published in Sep/Oct 2013
Can Green Cleaning Standards Help Build Your Business? The Benefits of Becoming GS-42 Certified

Recently, a franchisee of a nationwide cleaning contractor proudly shared that he had secured 19 properties of a local library system, 39 locations of county facilities, and a 100,000 square-foot LEED Gold property.

Published in May/Jun 2013
Monday, 20 August 2012 15:38

Newswire Testimonial from Tom Thompson

Newswire Testimonial from Tom Thompson

The article "The New Healthcare System" I received via email from Services Magazine Newswire on 8-7-12 was very informative and helpful! Also, the July/August issue was the most informative and beneficial issue I have read in the 10 years I have been a member.

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KEY POINTS TO REMEMBER When Buying a Cleaning Franchise

After spending nearly 50 years in the contract cleaning business as an owner and as an advisor, I have had the opportunity to observe, as well as to answer questions about the role franchising plays in the industry. In recent years, franchising of cleaning has become a major part of the industry.

Published in Mar/Apr 2012
Immigrants Find the American Dream with Commercial Cleaning Franchise

In today's economy, finding the "American Dream" can be about as likely as a million dollar Powerball win. However, for two commercial cleaning franchisees, it proved to be readily attainable.

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