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Don't Let Mold Take Hold

Chances are good that you have used specialty mold- or moisture-resistant wallboard for interior wet areas. You probably thought that it was money well spent to avoid the health hazards and legal liabilities associated with mold. If you don't use mold-resistant drywall compound and joint tape, you may not be getting the protection you paid for.

High Tech Reporting: Technology at Your Fingertips

We recently reached out to BSCAI contract security member Ralph Brislin. He is the president of United Security Management Services in Cleveland, Ohio and has been an innovator of technological advances for the security profession over the years.

Proper Procedures for Cleaning Architectural Glass Products

Architectural glass products play a major role in the comfort of living and working environments of today’s homes and commercial office spaces. Since glass products can be permanently damaged if improperly cleaned, glass producers and fabricators recommend strict compliance with the following procedures for properly cleaning glass surfaces.

Floor Care: Viewing the Total Building

A recent survey of building service contractors indicated that most locations BSCs now clean are equally divided between carpet and hard-surface flooring. When asked if they expect one or the other to be installed more often in years to come, no dramatic change was expected.