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High Tech Reporting: Technology at Your Fingertips

Written by  Gary Kuty

In keeping with the theme of technology, we recently reached out to BSCAI contract security member Ralph Brislin. He is the president of United Security Management Services in Cleveland, Ohio and has been an innovator of technological advances for the security profession over the years. A few years ago a chance meeting between a sales representative of a technology company and Brislin sparked the development of an automated security incident reporting system that eliminates the need for security officers to write reports.

The Concept 

The developers wanted to provide a better way for security and service providers to report incidents up the chain of command. It was obvious that the key to successfully containing and managing any incident was rapid, appropriate response. What was developed is a product that provides quick and accurate information to as many individuals in an organization as needed, anywhere in the world, within minutes; the Telephone Incident System (TIRS).

TIRS is an interactive, phonebased incident reporting and notification system. It increases the speed of response, eliminates handwritten reports and provides simultaneous notification to all who need to be informed of an incident. It can report from multiple and remote locations. An individual is able to pick up any phone, punch in a few responses to automated questions, record a voice description of an event and send it on its way to a predetermined set of recipients.

TIRS provides organizations the ability to improve productivity, performance and security services in real time and in any language. Though TIRS was developed as a tool for the security industry, it can be used for many other applications. It has the ability to gather and distribute information to many people, anywhere, almost instantly. It has already been successfully used for inventory control and as a hotline for the transportation industry. An 800 number is assigned to the client and all costs associated with the toll charges and billed directly to the client. Each client site is provided a separate I.D.

System Advantages 

With TIRS, one gains control of the onsite incidences and captures them in a central data repository.

• Onsite security officers and other frontline TIRS users are not encumbered with lengthy forms to fill out or fax and file.

• TIRS can be customized to fit the needs of individual customers.

• Voice menus can be adapted to specific customer needs.

• Data reports can be formatted to fit customer needs.

It is ideal for reporting maintenance, housekeeping and tenant incidents. Very little formal training is required on the part of security officers and other frontline TIRS users. TIRS generates complete, timely and automated reports that fulfill legal and liability requirements.

Competitive Advantage

TIRS offers a unique solution as it has successfully married telephone and software technologies in a distinctive way to create a fast, easy-to-use solution.

TIRS offers five distinct advantages:

1. Affordability. TIRS is one-fourth the cost of computer-based incident reporting systems and half the cost of a call center service.

2. Ease of Use. TIRS is easy to use that no special training is required. Just dial an 800 number and follow the voice prompt commands. Computerbased incident reporting systems require specialized training and can be overwhelming to the very people who must report incidents—store clerks, security guards, janitors, tenants, etc.

3. No Special Equipment. All that a TIRS user needs to report an incident is a telephone. No computer terminals or PDA’s.

4. Speed of Notification. Once an incident is reported, TIRS nearly instantaneously transmits the report to all who need to be notified so that they can take immediate action.

5. Consistency and Reliability. TIRS achieves a consistency and reliability that call centers and hotlines cannot match. TIRS, with its automated voice prompts, offers consistency. And because no human intervention is involved, automatic notification is assured, each and every time.

Gary H. Kuty is a senior consultant and CEO of Kuty & Associates in Dayton, OH. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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