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Have you ever hired an outside vendor or contractor only to find out they were totally unreliable? Don’t waste any more time or money on worthless support services—use these five questions to screen potential hires.

There is a lot more to selling than simply being a good closer. Use a salary-plus-bonus compensation system to harness the power of teamwork in your sales department.

For small business owners, being good at saving money is a critical skill. Here are 12 creative strategies for doing more with less.

Customized Marketing Solutions— Receive More and Pay Less

BSCAI Affinity Partners provide custom-tailored marketing solutions at exclusive BSCAI member prices.

In today’s business environment, we’re constantly juggling several different projects at once, while trying to stay on top of emails, phone messages, and texts. While it’s good to have lots of work, too much multi-tasking can negatively affect performance. Here are five tips to help you stay focused and effectively manage all of your daily tasks.

How Will the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Affect Your Marketing?

With the “Fiscal Cliff” looming, what—if anything—should small businesses be doing to prepare? Investing in marketing and publicity right now can actually help you save money if and when we go over the edge in 2013.

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