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18 Habits Of Happy Entrepreneurs

Small business owners work hard and face a lot of stress, so here is a collection of tips for keeping yourself happy.

How to Earn Customer Loyalty

Gaining customer loyalty comes down to one basic premise: giving people a reason to use your business rather than your competitor’s.

Trying to Get Press Coverage for Your Small Business? Here’s How.

Would you like to see your company covered by the local media? Follow these tips for getting the press interested in your company’s story.

When communicating with other people, it’s not only important to watch what you say, but how you say it.

4 Questions to Gauge a Candidate's Passion

In an interview, every candidate will tell you they’re passionate about their work, but here’s how to tell which ones are telling the truth.

The Things Bosses Do That Inspire Employee Commitment

Getting employees engaged and committed to their work is primarily a function of good leadership.

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