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Tuesday, 23 January 2018 14:28

Proof Of Performance

If you, a contract cleaner, were asked what is the most essential tool you need to clean a retail facility, like a department store or a mall, what would you say? Might your answer be an automatic scrubber? Plenty of mops and buckets on hand? Maybe lots of warning signs, allowing you to block off areas of the store or mall so you can clean them undisturbed? While important aspects of cleaning retail areas, none of these answers would be correct. The most important tool a cleaning contractor today can have when cleaning retail stores, malls and 24/7 retail locations, is a smartphone.

Published in Midwest Winter 2018
Tuesday, 21 November 2017 11:25

OSHA Establishes Robotics Alliance

OSHA has established a two-year alliance with the Robotic Industries Association and NIOSHA. The alliance is geared toward improving awareness of occupational hazards from both industrial robots and advancing robot technology.

Published in Newswire

Among the trending topics in the industrial cleaning industry is the issue of air quality. Clients are always worried about how clean the air is in their building, especially during the air-conditioning season. For BSCs, this fact can translate into an additional service you can offer your clients. Being able to offer proper air duct cleaning for your clients can help them ensure that they are receiving the highest quality of care from your company.

Published in Northeast Spring 2017
Wednesday, 03 May 2017 16:32

The New Age of Dusters

Feather dusters are fancy, but are they practical? As the world takes steps toward increasing automation, the world of BSCs is taking steps right along with it. The latest move forward is with automatic dusters. Benefits of automation are vast and can be felt at all levels of the cleaning service industry.

Published in Northeast Spring 2017

Wearable technology may be starting to find its place in the BSC industry. 

Published in Newswire
Monday, 21 November 2016 13:55

The Internet of Things

In the past decade, we have witnessed a number of technological advances that have had direct influence on the professional cleaning industry. While many of these involved the cleaning tools and equipment we use, what I am referencing here are advances in technology that have impacted communication between our customers, cleaning contractors, and their staff. Technologies are now coming online that will allow the very buildings we clean and maintain to connect and communicate with us directly.
Published in Nov/Dec 2016
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