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Betco Corporation® Announces SmartValve Auto® Combo Kit


Betco Corporation® Announces SmartValve Auto® Combo Kit

Toledo, OH - April 14, 2014 -Betco Corporation® is pleased to announce the newest addition to the SRS family of products - SmartValve® AutoSmartValve Auto Combo Kit is the perfect combination of water conservation and odor control. First the popular SmartScreen® has a 1-2 punch of odor control in four great fragrances. Second the automated valve has two unique functions that allow it to conserve water like no other system on the market. These features are ideal for Schools, Universities, Stadiums, Convention Centers, Hospitality, Large Manufacturing Plants or Large Office Campuses.

  1. Conserve Water and Save Money
    1. Timed Programmable Flush - toggle between 2hr, 4hr, 6hr or 8hr timed flush cycle
    2. Sleep Mode (smart technology) - shuts itself off during extended periods of non-use like weekends and holiday shut downs
  2. Versatility - toggle between; urinal mode (timed flush) and toilet mode (flush after every use)

Ken Sensel, Sr. Product Manager - General Cleaning/CMS & Healthcare, explains the importance of water conservation. "Here at Betco Corporation we understand that water conservation is more than a feel good story; it is a fact of life. The new SmartValve Auto expands the opportunity to use water conserving methods for applications that require a more structured routine in flushing."

By listening to today's needs, Betco sets new standards in Cleaning Innovations That Matter. Betco engineers innovative cleaning programs, products and equipment sold through distribution partners internationally. 

For more information about Betco's products and services please contact customer service @ 1-888-GO BETCO or visit www.betco.com.

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