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Friday, 14 February 2014 12:05

Spartan’s SparClean® Sure Step Cuts Grease and Improves Floor Traction, Reducing the Risk of Slip and Fall Accidents

Written by Cali Sartor, Director of Marketing
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Maumee, OH. – February 6, 2014 — Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market, announces the availability of SparClean® Sure Step no‐rinse floor cleaner.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fatal slips, trips, or falls (STF) in the workplace account for 14 percent of all fatal work injuries (BLS, 2011). Slips and falls are the third largest cause of workplace injuries, contributing to more than 100 million lost workdays and costing nearly $36 billion annually. The average fall costs roughly $28,000.

Grease, however, is inescapable in a kitchen environment, especially in and around grills and fryers. Over time, this grease builds‐up in kitchen tile and grout, creating a slippery, safety hazard. SparClean Sure Step is a no‐rinse, enzyme floor cleaner that breaks down built‐up grease, improving slip resistance. With the ability to remove even the toughest food‐based fats, oils, and greases, the SparClean Sure Step enzymatic action continues to work even when the floor is dry! When used regularly, SparClean Sure Step restores traction to even the greasiest of floors.

“SparClean Sure Step is easy to use,” says John Swigart, President, Spartan Chemical Company, “in a few simple steps floors are cleaner and safer. No‐rinse is the key; Sure Step’s enzymes remain behind, continuing to break down grease between cleanings.”

Providing powerful degreasing in a neutral pH formula, SparClean Sure Step is safer for workers and floors. Activated with cold water, the no‐rinse formula saves, time, labor, energy, water, MONEY.

SparClean SureStep is available for immediate ordering from Spartan’s select distribution partners.

About Spartan Chemical Company, Inc.

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. has been a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of sustainable cleaning and sanitation solutions for the industrial and institutional market since 1956. A proud US employer, Spartan manufactures high quality products from its state‐of‐the‐art manufacturing facility in Maumee, OH and sells both domestically and internationally through a selective network of distribution. Spartan’s chemical products and services are used in building service contractor, education, health care, food service and processing, lodging/hospitality, and industrial markets.

Cali Sartor
Director of Marketing
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