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Monday, 25 July 2016 11:03

Marketing Matters, July 2016

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No matter what you call it, that necessary pit-stop in our day matters. Bathrooms provide a service, and in the US the standard of that service should be functional, efficient and clean. All of these terms are slightly subjective, however and in that ambiguity lies the breadth of this edition.

Sustainability has been nagging at me for the past couple months. What does that word mean to me personally, for businesses…and as I honed in on this edition, what does sustainability look like, feel like, and how can it benefit you as a leader in the commercial cleaning industry?

Tuesday, 05 April 2016 10:03

Marketing Matters, March 2016

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I am a big believer in giving credit when credit is due. In the case of Servicon I discovered—through their expertly crafted press releases which periodically land in my editor’s in-box—a reason to applaud their efforts.