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Clorox Helps Businesses Improve the Workplace

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The Clorox Company has leveraged its expertise in household cleaning to develop four new natural cleaning products for building service contractors called Green Works® Concentrates.

The new line—from the brand customers know and trust—is designed to meet the unique challenges of commercial cleaning yet is 99 percent natural. That powerful combination gives business owners an advantage in attracting new customers and satisfying current tenants and employees.

According to a recent survey1, green cleaning can have a measurable impact on business owners, office workers and cleaning professionals’ satisfaction.

Business Owners

• 68 percent of business owners say they would prefer their business to be cleaned with green cleaners rather than with conventional cleaners.

Office Workers

• 70 percent of office workers agree that, when given a choice, they would prefer their workplace be cleaned with green cleaners rather than with conventional cleaners.

Cleaning Professionals

• 72 percent of cleaning professionals prefer to clean with milder chemicals.

• 70 percent of cleaning professionals would like to help their company or organization “go green.”

Made with plant and mineral-based biodegradable ingredients, the natural Green Works® Concentrates line includes general purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, neutral floor cleaner and glass cleaner. The line was developed to meet all of the cleaning needs of a commercial building, with products designed to be wall-mounted in a cleaning supply closet and simply hooked up to a water source.

Layne Bowen, sales and account manager for Redwood Building Maintenance, exclusively uses Green Works® Concentrates Natural General Purpose Cleaner and Natural Glass Cleaner for all his accounts.

“Green Works cleans as powerfully as any chemical cleaner at a similar cost,” says Bowen. “Being able to offer an affordably priced, all-natural cleaner has helped set my business apart and attracted new customers.”

But the benefits of using Green Works® extends beyond his clients.

“The dispensing system is a standout feature,” says Bowen. “It gives us better control over the dilution and distribution of the cleaning product, making the job easier for our employees.”

Green Works® products are recognized and certified by leading environmental organizations, including Green Seal™ and Design for the Environment (an Environmental protection Agency partner). The cleaners also feature the Sierra Club logo, marking the brand's commitment to supporting the organization's ongoing environmental and sustainability efforts.

“Green cleaning—or using cleaning products and methods that focus on natural ingredients—is in the best interests of businesses, tenants and cleaning professionals,” said Beata Grabowski, director of marketing for Green Works® Concentrates. “By using products with naturally derived ingredients, like Green Works®, businesses can attract new customers and reap the rewards of having more satisfied tenants and employees, which contributes to a healthy bottom line.”

Green Works® Concentrates meet regulatory certification requirements and can gain buildings points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. In addition, Green Works® cleaning products are the No. 1 brand of natural cleaners in degree of perceived efficacy among natural cleaners2 and in consumer trust3. In fact, according to the survey4:

• 67 percent of office employees prefer their office to be cleaned with Green Works® products over conventional cleaners.

• 58 percent of business owners would feel better if their janitors/housekeepers were working with Green Works® products instead of conventional cleaners.

• 58 percent of cleaning professionals prefer to clean with Green Works® products over conventional cleaners.

“Today’s business owners want green cleaning that’s effective,” added Grabowski. “And when it comes to powerful clean, the brand they trust is Clorox.”

With approximately 8,300 employees worldwide, the company manufactures products in more than two dozen countries and markets them in more than 100 countries. For more information about Clorox, visit www.TheCloroxCompany.com.

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