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Pearson International Airport: Exemplifying Hurley's Holistic Approach to Service

Written by  Editor

its terminalHurley’s powerful combination of customer service, disaster preparedness and environmental responsibility comes together in the form of a successful 17-year relationship with Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, beginning in 1992 and still going strong today.

Hurley and the Greater Toronto Airports Authority have been through quite a bit together — massive terminal construction projects, security enhancements, stringent waste diversions targets, pandemic threats and a labor disruption — a veritable melting pot of obstacles and challenges. Regardless of the issue, the key to the success and streamlined operation of the airport has been Hurley’s dedication to Pearson and Pearson’s unwavering trust in Hurley’s capabilities.

H1N1, or “swine flu,” has recently caused changes in health security and awareness. As it is Canada’s largest port of entry, preventing the spread of disease at Pearson has been a top priority. Hurley has kept their customers thoroughly updated with the new threat levels and any adjustments they planned to make to accommodate a pandemic event.

When the threat level rose, Hurley began to implement their Corporate Pandemic Business Continuity Plan. They went into “Monitoring/Staging Phase,” which involved confirming inventory of all disinfectant and protective supplies such as masks and gloves. They gave customers the option to request further services and distributed protocols to managers to satisfy these requests.

When the threat level rose even further, the Hurley Group took active steps towards preventing local outbreaks, including dedicated "touch point" cleaning staff with disinfectant; decontamination of "suspect" workspace/cubicles; increased levels of PPE for Hurley staff, including n95 masks, gloves, personal sanitizers; alcohol-based sanitizers for high profile areas of facilities; increased availability of waste receptacles near door touch points; and expanded hours of operation and staffing.

Hurley has also taken steps to minimize waste within the airport premises. During a 13-day exercise, Hurley evaluated its waste stream at the GTAA. This exercise put in place a mandated process that is now a mainstay to the operation of the airport, and a contributing factor to Pearson’s accomplishment of becoming the first airport to win the Special/Innovative Projects category in the ACI-NA Environmental Achievement Awards in 2009.

A true indicator of Hurley’s customer service culture at the GTAA was demonstrated during the course of an unfortunate nine-day work stoppage by its custodial and waste management staff. Hurley and its formidable resources worked tirelessly to ensure that employees were back to work as quickly as possible. From the CEO to area managers, supplementary staff was on-hand to satisfy the workload. After lengthy negotiations, a quick resolve was met and a revised three-year contract was agreed upon.

In essence, Hurley’s relationship with Pearson International Airport is living proof of the company’s holistic approach to building services.


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